What they said about Dr. Liebeault :

"With the idea of perfecting my hypnotic technique, I made a journey to Nancy in the summer of 1889 and spent several weeks there. I witnessed the moving spectacle of old Liebeault working among the poor women and children of the laboring classes. I was a spectator of Bernheim's astonishing experiments upon his hospital patients, and I received the profoundest impression of the possibility that there could be powerful mental processes which nevertheless remained hidden from the consciousness of men."
Freud, Sigmund, Dr. 1989. Autobiographical Study. London: Hogarth Press.

"I owe to Mr. Liebeault, Doctor of Medicine in Nancy, the technique I have been using to induce sleep and that has produced undeniable therapeutic effects. For more than 20 years, this colleague, defiant of the ridicule and discredit cast on the practices of what is called animal magnetism, has been conducting research and selflessly devoting himself to treating illnesses with induced sleep."
Bernheim, Hippolyte, Dr. 1884. De la suggestion dans l'état hypnotique et dans l'état de veille. Paris: Octave Doin.

"In a brief résumé, it is impossible to mention the many contributions and contributors of this period. However, some stand out, such as Ambroise-Auguste Liebeault of Nancy […] He has been called the real founder of suggestive therapeutics. Bernheim and Liebeault, the legitimate innovators of modern psychotherapy, […] introduced the concepts of suggestion and suggestibility."
Kroger, William S., Dr. 1977. Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. 2nd ed. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company.

"Though his (Liebeault's) researches have been recognized, it is certain that they have not been estimated at their true value, and that members of a younger generation have reaped the reward which his devotion of a lifetime failed to obtain."
Bramwell, J. Milne, Dr. 1956. Hypnotism: Its History, Practice and Theory. 2nd ed. New York: Julian Press Inc.



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