Jose Custodio de Faria:
Hypnotist, Priest and Revolutionary

A book by Laurent Carrer


The English translation of three works written in French:

·        Two 1906 scholarly studies by Dr. Daniel Gelasio Dalgado of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Lisbon:

·        Memoir on the Life of Abbé Faria, copious biographical data unavailable anywhere else, retracing in detail the famous priest's life from his native Goa to his adoptive Paris, by way of Lisbon.

·        Dr. Dalgado's preface and introduction to a 1906 reprint of Faria's book; in his front matter, he presents a technical analysis of Faria's methods and theories.

·        The translation of the 1906 reprint of Faria's 1819 opus On the Cause of Lucid Sleep.



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